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About Jasmine Club (JC)

Since its founding, Jasmine Language School has consistently held regular cultural exchange activities and events. In 2014, we established our own cultural exchange club - Jasmine Club (JC).

JC will be the first choice as a resource that provides cultural exchange opportunities and education. JC will be a “one-stop-shop” providing products and services for clients in our multi-cultural world.

JC clients are from all walks of life, both local and foreign who are interested in learning more about other cultures through language and cultural activities. JC is a platform for an international community that offers services to people who would like to communicate with, and understand, people from around the world.

Alice Chen, owner of Jasmine Language School, saw the need for a platform for people who wanted to share and exchange language, culture, and art. She felt it was important to help both Chinese people and expats by creating an NGO dedicated to the facilitation of cultural exchange because:
1.The exchange activities will help Chinese people to learn and understand other languages, cultures, and arts which will be helpful for them to live, study and work with foreigners
2.It will help expats to learn and understand the Chinese language, culture, and arts, which will help them to live, study, and work better in China
3.It will help to build faith between Chinese people and expats, enhancing the cooperation within different countries

Please contact us for more information.