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Online Chinese Courses

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for students who are not able to come to campus to take their classes. The course is delivered through Jasmine's online mandarin classroom. 

Our online Mandarin Lesson highly focus on: 

  • Abundant learning paths tailored to achieve your personal goal
  • Professional native Chinese speaker teachers with rich teaching experience 


Study format


1) Watch Video Courses

We use google classroom to organize our video courses. You will be able to watch videos, download materials, hand in your homework, fullfill your tests,etc. You can send us an email and we will send you an invitation to join.


2) 1 on 1 or group live class with a native Chinese teacher

We use zoom to hold our live classes. Please download zoom from this website:  We will set up our live class and send you the code to join.


Order an evaluation or a trial lesson:  Send us an email to

or Chat with Jasmine Customer Service from Wechat:


Payment will be available after enrollment is complete. Click here to sign up.

Paypal: Click "buy now" to pay from your paypal account.




Remittance :

*Intermediary Bank:  China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd., New York, SWIFT Code: CMBCUS33
*Beneficiary’s Bank: China Merchants Bank, H.O.,CMB TOWER,7088 SHENNAN BOULEVARD, Shenzhen, China, SWIFT Code: CMBCCNBS
*Beneficiary’s name:         CHEN YUZHU
*Beneficiary’s A/C No.:     6225 8851 0557 2242


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