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HSK Standard Chinese Course (Level 1~6)

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for students who want to learn all aspects of Chinese language including listening,speaking, reading and writing. When students fullfill this course, they will acquire the language ability to attend the official HSK level test and get the certificate from Chinese government if they pass the exam successfully.


What skills will you learn?

It depends on which level you are at. Each course is designed so you can achieve the skills set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The key difference with this course and other Chinese courses is that you will also learn to read and write Chinese characters.
To read about the skills that you will learn, see the chart below:


JM  level 1 HSK Level 1 A1 Novice Low 150 40
JM  level 2 HSK Level 2 A2 Novice Mid 300 40
JM  level 3 HSK Level 3 B1 Intermediate Low 600 40
JM  level 4 40
JM  level 5 HSK Level 4 B2 Intermediate Mid 1200 60
JM  level 6 60
JM  level 7 HSK Level 5 C1 Intermediate High 2500 120
JM  level 8 120
JM  level 9 HSK Level 6 C2 Advanced 5000 160
JM  level 10 160
Total       5000+ 840

1 Period=50mins.


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Remittance :

*Intermediary Bank:  China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd., New York, SWIFT Code: CMBCUS33
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