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Our track record
At JLS we take pride in our track record of success stories. Watch our students talk about their experience with us here [Link to testimonials page]

1.99% of our Chinese language students have passed the official Chinese proficiency test HSK

2.Kailey, one of our international students who has been taking Traditional Chinese Painting course has now been invited to exhibit her work at reputed Nanjing art exhibition

3.100% TOEFL pass rate

4.Our Business English students have gone to significantly improve their language skills and managed to secure a job in international companies

5.Some of our students are now writing articles for the local Wuxi newspaper


We are regularly invited to Japanese and other international communities’ events to talk about our school and how we can help them to improve their language abilities.

Quality assurance
JLS developed its own quality assurance system, JLS is committed to providing the highest quality service to achieve the best possible results.Once classes begin, we constantly evaluate your progress and seek your feedback on teaching content, style and effectiveness to ensure your expectations are met. We won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

Unique approach
With a unique approach to language learning we aim to be not only the most experienced, but also the best language school in the region.  We focus on providing the smoothest service and the best learning experience to all our students; no matter whether they are studying online or at our school campus.





Classroom Learning Self-study Resources Real world practice Cultural Events Study Tours


Best Team
All our teachers are university graduates with significant experience in the language they are teaching. We also provide all our teachers with training and encourage them to continue their development by offering English classes to our local teachers and Chinese to our foreign teachers. We also encourage our Chinese teachers to join the national exam for teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language ensuring they can provide students with the most professional and enjoyable experience.


Jasmine Club
One of the benefits of being a student in our school is that you will receive a free membership to join Jasmine Club, our international community.
We hold fun activities and events for our students, teachers, and partners such as language cafés, culture exchange activities, Chinese and international festivals celebrations, study trips and much more.

We found Jasmine Club to join the local NPO organizations to support the development of the international community.